Founded in October 2016

We started Imokey because there is no Imokey. IMOKEY is a storytelling brand aiming empowering millenials and gen z to stands up for themselves by offering basic, chic and effortlessly cool streetwear fashion at competitive price. The name IMOKEY comes from the words “i’am okay” that means whatever happens in your life, just wear your kind of goods, embrace your problem, and you’ll be okay.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower millenials and gen z to express and feel great about themselves through our brand experience.

Our Vision

To become the most loved fashion brand, especially in Indonesia.

Whether we talk about the quarter life crisis problem that comes in many personality topics like friendship, authentic self, feelings and emotion, love, and sex educations. We address self love, self healing, body positivity, or simply new fashion trends —the IMOKEY brand experience inspires millenials to feel that they are loved and fine, just the way they are.

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